NPBRC Shines at Southern Sprints

North Palm Beach Rowing Club’s kids excelled at the 2017 Southern Sprints indoor rowing competition, held in Melbourne, FL on Saturday, January 28th, 2017. The NPBRC team not only won two silver medals in events with over 60 entries each, but also posted multiple top-of-the-pack placings in other events and shattered several Personal Record times. This year’s results easily eclipsed any of the club’s prior performances at this event, a testament to the team’s sound training and dedication. Perhaps most remarkable, though, were the displays of teamwork and superb support between NPBRC’s youth, their parents, masters members – one of the hallmarks of this NPBRC crew that make it truly exceptional. The Southern Sprints regatta is the largest indoor rowing competition in Florida with over 1,300 competitors in recent years in youth, adult, collegiate and veteran categories.