Youth Team Dominant In Early Races

In three consecutive weekends of racing this February, North Palm Beach Rowing’s youth team left no doubt that it stacked on some impressive speed this winter. In the first regatta of the spring, a Novice-only race in Orlando, NPBRC’s new rowers – many of whom had been rowing for only a few weeks – displayed maturity and oarsmanship far beyond their years, returning with multiple medals including:

  • 1st place, Men’s Novice Double
  • 2nd place, Men’s Novice Double
  • 2nd place, Men’s Novice Quad
  • 3rd place, Women’s Novice Double
  • 3rd place, Men’s Freshmen Double
  • 3rd place, Men’s Novice Quad

Boys’ team medalists at the 2017 Novice Regatta in Orlando, FL. NPBRC’s girls team also garnered medals (not shown).

 In the inaugural American Youth Cup I on February 17th, a series of three 2,000 meter races new to the Florida spring racing slate, NPBRC won gold in the girls’ 1x  and fielded both girls and boys quads and doubles against tough competition. Each of these races saw crews battle unusually rough water conditions the length of the course, but NPBRC’s boats gained invaluable experience that will pay huge dividends later this season.


Several of NPBRC’s 2017 American Youth Cup I rowers after a long day of races

The 8th annual Sarasota Invitational Regatta (SIR) was held at the Nathan Benderson Park, site of the 2017 World Rowing Championships, on February 24-26. This three-day premier regatta attracts more than 1600 athletes 75 clubs and 3500 spectators from across the United States. The Sarasota Invitational is a 1500 meter “sprint” race which is typical of spring season rowing. Against some stiff competition, North Palm Beach Rowing’s Junior Team performed exceptionally well, with results that included:

  • 1st Place: Mixed Quad
  • 2nd Place: Women’s Single
  • 2nd Place: Women’s Double
  • 3rd Place: Mixed Quad

The team will compete in the OARS Invitational in Orlando on March 11.