Our adult rowing camp is designed to give new rowers a foundational experience with all the major forms of rowing, and to give experienced rowers who need work in one boat type to diversify what they know.

  • Brand new rowers with no prior experience should begin with the intro course and proceed through all three weeks, if possible.
  • Experienced rowers and current NPBRC members should select the one or two weeks they feel they need some extra coaching in.

Some basic rules apply.

1) New rowers cannot advance to a harder course unless they’ve attended at least four of five days of the easier course. There are exceptions for experienced rowers, with coach’s permission. For example, private lessons or a prior NPBRC “Learn to Row” class may count as the intro to sculling week, with the coach’s permission.

2) You must tell the coach ahead of time if you cannot make a class. Some boats simply can’t launch without the right number of people, so planning ahead is important.

We offer a discount on NPBRC membership for all those who successfully complete the full three-week progression. See you on the water!