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Palm Beach Indoor Rowing Championship

2020 Palm Beach Indoor Rowing Championships

Registration will open later this year. Please check back!

Join us for  THE PALM BEACH “BURN”

The Palm Beach Indoor Rowing Championship brings together indoor rowing athletes from around the Southeast for a day of barn-burning, lactic-acid-beating, all-out competition between south Florida’s top athletes. The PBIRC, affectionately called the Palm Beach “Burn”, pits athletes against one of the most effective – and feared – fitness machines ever invented, the Concept2 rower – the same machine used by Olympic rowers and functional fitness gyms around the world. “The Burn” will truly test the mental fortitude of any athlete. This championship event combines public races and First Responder races in one action-packed day of head-to-head competition between police, firemen, CrossFit’ers, elite rowers, and athletes of all stripes from across south Florida – each competing for the title of Palm Beach’s fastest.

For those new to the sport of indoor rowing, the Burn will feature 500m, 1000m and 2000m races for time on Concept2 indoor rowing machines that are digitally linked to allow multiple competitors to race against one another at one time. Events are divided by gender and age for maximum fairness to all. Each rower’s progress is projected in real-time onto a screen that spectators can easily follow, and prizes are awarded for the top finishers in each event. The Burn also includes team events to allow teams of four to race either as a relay, with rowers swapping out as fast as possible on the same machine, or alongside one another over a 4-minute sprint. If you think the 4-minute sprint sounds easy, there’s just one twist: the rowing machines will be mounted on Concept2 “slides” that mimic the feel of rowing on the water, which rewards synchronicity and timing.

We are thrilled to host this event as one component of the Florida Police and Fire Games, meaning that you have a chance to race alongside the guys and gals who put it all on the line for our community each and every day: first responders and law enforcement officers from across Palm Beach and surrounding counties.

None other than Men’s Health magazine recently dubbed the 2000-meter row “the ultimate test of true fitness” for it’s intense psychological and physiological demands. (Men’s Health, March 16, 2017). The Palm Beach Indoor Rowing Championship will let you test your mettle against the best in our region.  Not sure if you have the hang of it yet? View Concept2’s technique video here or Contact Us to learn how you can set up lessons. For a first-rate online training program that peaks right at the time of this Championship, follow our partners @concept2rowing on Instagram.