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From Vision to Victory: The NPBRC Story

about us

The NPBRC Story

From a waterway Vision to Global Recognition, Embracing the Spirit of Rowing and Community

NPBRC began on the eve of the 2006 Boat Parade when a small group of former rowers gathered to watch the event from the grandstands at the Palm Beach Marine Institute. As night fell and yacht after decorated yacht passed in celebration up the Intracoastal, we knew that something was missing.

The Intracoastal Waterway was the perfect venue for area kids and adults from all backgrounds to enjoy the sport, and so the idea for NPBRC was born. We believe that any high school kid or adult without a motorboat should still have the opportunity to get on the water and enjoy a safe, healthy team activity while developing a lifelong respect for our environment. NPBRC officially incorporated in January 2007 and we have been hard at work laying the foundation for what the club is today: a world-class youth team, a thriving adult team, and enduring partnerships within our community that have created a safe haven for rowing and other water sports.

Through a generous partnership with Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation, NPBRC found a home on the Intracoastal Waterway inside Bert Winters Park off of Ellison Wilson Road. From humble beginnings we have built successful Youth, Adaptive, and Masters programs, trained Olympians, and have raced around the country in some of the most prestigious regattas in our sport. We have drawn visitors from around the globe, colleges from across the US, and respect and admiration from our competitors.

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NPBRC Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to change lives through rowing. We do this by providing healthy and safe access to south Florida waterways and hosting world-class coached programs that develop health, fitness, and character.  By sharing our love of the water through our unique sport, we advance environmental awareness for the ecosystem in which we train.

Our Vision is for a permanent boathouse on the Intracoastal that is the center of excellence for rowing in South Florida. We are a 501c nonprofit that is building a safe, healthy and enjoyable home that empowers kids and adults alike to drive positive change in their own lives and community.

Rowing FAQs

Q. Who can row?
A. Really, anyone. Rowing is an ideal sport for people of any age, gender, or athletic background. It is a low-impact, non-contact sport. NPBRC’s minimum age to participate is 10 and there is no maximum age to join and no experience is necessary. Rowers are often known to compete well into their eighties and beyond!
Q. Are there any pre-requisites to participate?
Safety is our highest concern. First and foremost, you must certify that you are able to swim 100 meters, tread water for 3 minutes, and properly put on a life vest. If you are uncertain or incapable of doing so, we have life vests available for your use.
Q. How’s the water?
A. We row on Florida’s scenic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). The Intracoastal is much like any river, with the exception that instead of a current we have a gentle tidal change several times a day. The ICW never freezes or floods. Horseshoe crabs and starfish are common sights along our shore.The stretch of the ICW we row on is sheltered by a low ridgeline to the east that blocks most of the wind coming in from sea. The result: consistently flat, fast, and fun rowing conditions with some of the best scenery around.
Q. When is your next Learn to Row class?
A. Please check our Learn to Row page for the most current information.
Q. What times of day to you get on the water?
A. Yes! Ask us aboutA. We schedule group rows in the mornings and late evenings. Dawn and dusk are typically the flattest, quietest water—your best bet to zone out and get in a killer workout. Our Youth Team practices after school – usually 5-7pm during the season. Adult members, once certified, may row any time. Odds are you’ll be able to find another member up for a pre- or post-work row during the week. rack rental rates and availability.

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