Masters Rowing

Experience the Thrill of Rowing

Master the Waves with NPBRC's Adult Rowing Program

“Masters” rowers are those age 18 and above. At NPBRC, we proudly offer a range of both competitive and recreational programs tailored to adult rowers of all generations.

Our Masters rowing community is active throughout the year, engaging in both large and small group activities. We welcome athletes of all skill levels and abilities to enjoy the athletic, recreational, and social sides of our sport.

Benefits of Membership

Discover the unique advantages of joining our Masters Team at NPBRC. From access to high quality equipment to a supportive rowing community, see how we enhance your rowing journey.

access to facilities and equipment

You'll have access to our top-notch facilities, equipment, and coaching staff.


Members are covered for on-the-water activities under the club’s insurance through USRowing.

Competitive Opportunities

You have the opportunity to compete in regattas nationwide under the NPBRC banner.


We offer a wide variety of boat types to suit the preferences and skills of our members.

Be Part of Our Team

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